This is just too tell you a little bit about us and what we do  and what we make!

Our Soaps:

most of our soaps are all natural, containing no bad artificial ingrediants although some or most may contain coloring.  We make wonderful handcrafted cold process and glycerin soaps (No Hot Process)If you would like a custom made soap, then please email me at or . Thankyou!!


Our Bath salts:

our bathsalts are made from all natural Dead sea salts , minerals, and epsom salts. They also made contain baking soda, essential and/or fragrance oil, coloring, and evaporate milk and also sometimes a little bit of vitamin E oil. They are wonderful for people who are fighting acne and are also great for sore muscels, burns and cuts, and also they are great for Aroma therapey or just great for relaxing in! just pour in a little bit and enjoy! :) :D


Our sugar scrubs/bars:

our sugar scrubs are wonderful, amazing, hand made scrubs/bars/cubes made from all natural sugars and salts. Just use them to slough of all of the dead skin and other icky sytuff and etc.. Just rub on and then ri nse and enjoy your super soft smooth silky, and also wonderful smelling skin.


Our Bath Bombs;

our bath bombs will MAKE YOUR bath coloreed fizzey and alo AMAZing smelling. Breake it up or just drop in the whole thing! yay!.


Our candels: homemade and handmade natural and wonderful smell ing candels too. Enjoy!  


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